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First of all.. what is an Elopement?!

An Elopement is an intimate wedding where the guest count is much smaller ( if there are any guests at all ) and where the Bride & Groom focus on their experience.


With Weddings you tend to cater to the guest. You think of the guest experience and accommodating their wants and needs, etc. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that however, Eloping is definitely something more where all the attention, every decision, is for the couple.


Why do I offer a flat rate for up to 8 hrs of coverage? 

I have been on the other end of Elopements, and trust me when I say I know the stress of it all! With Elopements I aim for relieving stress about the schedule of the day & time management with your Photographer.


I want you to live in the moment! Forget about sticking to a tight schedule, if something doesn't happen according to plan don't sweat it because I'll be there every step of the way.

Big Cotton Wood, Utah

*Travel is welcomed!*

In Utah $1860
In the USA $2900

  • Up to 8 hrs of coverage - Can be accommodated to fit your day

  • Travel Fee included in price

  • Not limited to Ceremony only - we can include Bridals, Boudoirs, Couple Session all that jazz within the 8 hr coverage!

  • Online Gallery with Web and Printing Res.

  • Custom USB & Memory Box

  • Family photos ( should there be any guests )

  • Unlimited Photos ( plan for about 70+ per Hr of coverage) 

  • 4 - 8 week turnaround

Inquire for a custom package!

Maui, Hawaii

Is your Elopement on my bucket list? Let's take a Look!

Special Discount if you are eloping in:

New York

Pensacola, Florida



How many photos do you deliver?

70+ per hour, Elopement Day Coverage
100+ for Bridal Sessions
60+ for Portrait Sessions/Couple Sessions

Do you need a deposit?

Yes, a deposit and signed contract are both needed to be officially booked. Your Deposit is 10% of the package total and is non refundable.

Can elopement day coverage be split up?

Yes as long as it is same day! If you need coverage split across multiples days please message me.

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! I am more than happy to break the total evenly into month payments.

What is the difference between Formals and Bridals?

Formals are 10 - 20 minutes the day of the wedding to get some nice photos of just the Bride and Groom! The simple must have photos your mom asks for!

Bridals are a full session solely focusing on just the Bride and Groom. Its a breather away from the stress of the day where we really dive into your love and photograph it like never before! They are like formals but on steriods. Totally up to you if you want the session the day of the wedding or not, and location is up to you.

What are your travel fees like?

My travel fee on elopements are always included in the price, so no need to worry over that!

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